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1.How do I register?

Using "Register Now" from the main page.Once you create the account, you can use it on any of our websites.

2.How do I create a redirect for my website?

After login,in 'List of Websites' page you should access 'Create' here you must write your website name (Ex.My first website),complete the address of the website ( and choose the redirect criteria.

3.How do I define the redirect criteria for my website?

In the page 'List of Websites' access the name of your website,in the next page choose from 'Select redirect rule' a redirect criteria and click the button 'Create Rule'.Then all you have to do is to define the redirect rule that you want for your website.

4.What are the redirect criteria available?

Depending of your needs you can redirect your sites visitors after the next criteria: Name, Continent, Country, State, Language.

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